Antalya Airport (AYT) - Okurcalar Transfer

Antalya Airport (AYT) - Okurcalar Transfer


Okurcalar neighborhood of Alanya is 30 km from Alanya and 110 km from Antalya.
Okurcalar is a town with unique natural beauties where green and blue meet. Okurcalar is one of the most beautiful and quiet towns of Alanya. Okurcalar is just for you if you want to listen to the head and enjoy the green. Okurcalar has become the region preferred by many tourists due to this feature. Okurcalar is just for you if you want to experience the visual satisfaction of the merging of green and blue with its clean air and its historical texture.
Okurcalar contains the natural beauties formed by meeting banana and citrus trees with pine forests and the sea. Tourists who want to witness this natural beauty doubles the population of Okurcalar in the summer.

So how to get to this natural wonder town from Antalya Airport?
The first option to go to Okurcalar hotels from Antalya Airport is the vehicles we call V.I.P vehicles. These vehicles take you from Antalya Airport whenever you want, and you can easily reach you to your hotel or private address in Okurcalar. The second option is another transfer method, which is called shared transfer, which takes people from Antalya Airport to the hotel or private addresses along the transfer route departing at the times set before.
A cheaper way to go to Okurcalar from Antalya Airport is there are minibus services that pass over the highway outside Antalya Airport and depart from the bus station hourly, or taxi options at the airport should not be overlooked. But this option is a little expensive option. If you want another method other than these options, you can rent a car from the car rental companies in Antalya Airport and easily go to Okurcalar region.

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