Antalya Airport to Side Transfer

Antalya Airport to Side Transfer

Side, which is a district worth seeing and visiting with its historical and holiday venues in Antalya, always comes to the rescue of local and foreign tourists who are tired of the intense work stress and heat every year. Side affects significantly to Turkey's sources of income, particularly during the summer months because it incorporates tens of thousands of customers in the hotel.

Side; Due to the natural beauties, clean and clear beaches of the sand and water and the interest and relevance of the locals to tourists, it offers an unforgettable experience in the lives of local and foreign tourists.

The average distance between Antalya and Side is 76 kilometers and you can reach this road with a passenger car in an average speed of 41 minutes per hour. However, especially in the summer months, local and foreign tourists flock to Side district road, so you can make a longer journey in traffic.

Side, which is the apple of the eye of Antalya, for tourists who come to spend a nice holiday in the summer months, hotel owners contract with big brands and exhibit different kinds of activities in beach areas. In fact, these activities can be on the agenda of the country even by being on the news.

Tourists who want to take time for themselves in their exhausting business life and visit the unique natural beauties of Antalya witness events that they will never forget in their lives and that will constantly circulate in their language. In addition to this, encountering couples walking hand in hand on the roads in Side, especially in the evening hours, families who have left themselves to the unique streets and entertainment centers of Side with their children despite the difficulties of life, and old couples who have been acquitted from the test of life and released themselves to the magnificent view of Side They are the main factors that make a good Side.


How many different types can be reached from Antalya Airport to Side?

 Antalya Side transfers work very intensely, especially in summer. From Antalya airport, it is possible to reach Side within 2 hours at a time when the traffic in Side is low. There are several different ways to go from Antalya Airport to Side thanks to Antalya Side transfer. Among these methods, V. İ. P is vehicle service. Thanks to this service, you can safely and comfortably reach any point you want from Antalya Airport. The second method is the transfer method called Shuuttle transfer, which is frequently mentioned among the people. Thanks to this method, you can go to the point you want for a more affordable price and start enjoying your holiday.

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